30 years, where have you been?

Gossip with my mum is the sweetest gossip, no lie. Soooo one time I’m on the call with her and she says, “sasa mtu akikuletea maua unafanyia nini? si anipee hio pesa kwa bahasha, mi nitafurahia” and I felt that at heart because flowers? no tnx! Because I have honestly failed to get excited at the thought of having a flower as a gift. Is it the smell? because so many things smell like flowers right now, even better summer brings us varieties. If it’s the act? then niwekee hio pesa kwa bahasha tu.

In other news, I always say I will not be comfortable meeting a potential life partner at 30 because, where were you for the other 29 years of your life? doing what? who? why? where? I just cannot *insert Elsa Majimbo’s voice* And when I say this I do not mean their love life, I mean there existence in general. I know there are people who are put in such circumstances or they picked to have that, but my gut will not let me rest. Because my gut feeling is so strong such that, if I am doing something and I had prior doubts it will keep on knocking. And no, I don’t think growing with somebody is the only best option, I’m just wondering 30 years? Humans will always be humans and there is nothing wrong with that. Furthermore, this is me saying it now who knows what tomorrow holds? No one.

In other news, allow me to talk about adult children. Yes, adult children because some children are adults out there. I don’t know how some children came to embody some personalities, I have failed to understand because I dislike it. There are these children who talk back at you like they are not already struggling to level with you (literally). They can’t even write what they just told you. You know those times when you have to be the bigger one yet the child is insulting you like the bigger one 😂😂😂 , as in where does the attitude come from little being?

Let me emphasize that, after God I fear kids because their honesty could cause as much harm as a brutally honest adult.

Most of these posts will be very short because long humor and writing is a service paid for, it’s whom they call stand up comedians and authors respectively.

(sikeee I might also just have nothing to say)

With Love from my keyboard.



I do things! I am a curious cruiser of life and sometimes I write about my experiences and interests. Read, share and stay gorgeous! Awin

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