Now Go Get Extremely Cheesy and Hug Yourself!

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!! Yesssssss!!!! Feel free to scream with me as I express the excitement that I am back on this passion project again!

My relationship with WordPress reminds me of that toxic relationship with an ex that you keep going back to. Or that Twitter handler who first opens their Twitter account uses it for a few days, leaves confused for a few years, then comes back as a Twitter master. Only in my case, WordPress has done me no harm. WordPress has allowed me to have a space where I can share whatever it is my curious brain wanders into. I love it.

Speaking of curious minds, how do creatives stay on track with their curious minds? My curious mind is not the type that has a specific niche, I love knitting, drawing, painting, self-portrait photography, writing, reading and beaded bag making .et cetera .et cetera. I get obsessed with one passion project for a while and then completely forget about it once I pick another interest. I forgot about this WordPress account for a year, and now I am back ready to cuddle it like I never left. And a special shoutout to my two subscribed beautiful humans that receive an email when I type on here. Thank you so so much!

I always appreciate myself when I choose to find beauty in things that attempt to bring me sadness. It is never easy but it has been helpful in allowing me to be kind to myself. When I forget my passion projects I question my entire existence because these are hobbies that bring me joy. What then will happen if my sources of joy are inconsistent? Does that mean my joy lessens? And then you know how you force sadness to consume you? I call it forcing sadness to consume you because a part of me is aware that there are other things I am currently doing that bring me joy but I choose the latter. However, one thing I pat myself on the back for is that I allow myself to feel. I allow my mind to wander, get lost, come up with 10 different projects I could do, and navigate the newness life keeps on bringing.

If you are reading this and there is a part of you that misses a part of you that used to bring you joy, that is okay. Just because you miss it does not mean you need or want it. Just because it is not there, it does not mean that you cannot find joy in the current you. Now go get extremely cheesy and hug yourself!



I do things! I am a curious cruiser of life and sometimes I write about my experiences and interests. Read, share and stay gorgeous! Awin

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