Dear Sugar Daddy, 079me

As I write this, I am listening to the commissioner of Lainya incompetently answer questions on why the people of Lainya are being killed by cattle herders from the Mundari community. My mum went ahead and put on her earphones as she scrolled the hell out of Facebook. Basically, he was wasting everyone’s time. But more importantly, inspired me to write on here.🤡

Recently, I studied abroad in London and let me tell you I suffered. You know why, because if I didn’t cook I wouldn’t eat. In simpler terms, I had to cater for myself. I know coming from an African, specifically South Sudanese family, the audacity to complain is abominable. Because sasa who will marry me? How will my husband survive?

Imagine, I, a whole woman fighting the patriarchy, had to cook and feed myself🌚 Wouldn’t it be easier if I had a sugar daddy? A sugar daddy with a hotel? Preferably the hotels which charge £200 for water, and £7000 for a piece of salmon placed at the corner of the plate as a meal. Sometimes when I say I fight for gender equity, I want us to fight till women have achieved equity. Then all men can leave planet earth. Each will be required to leave a couple of sperms before we wipe them all out. Damn, that was dark.

I love how this man aroused my writing juices. Anyways, as I write, we heard 5 gunshots. Immediately, a couple of people stood intending to run but were all asked to sit down. Guess they couldn’t stand the commissioner’s bullshit too.

Back to the basics, If being a sugar baby is a way of sourcing for income, why don’t we get it off the moral policing hook? Couples should comfortably lie in bed and help their wives/girlfriends/sisters source clients for the next day.🌚

Although that’s easy to say, I do not believe it’s for everyone. You cannot quantify the emotional commitment of such a transactional relationship. Or at least most of us tend to think it’s purely transactional. Even the “fuck love, I’m getting paper” mates can agree that there comes a point our emotions choose how they want to be. I am not saying you can quantify emotional commitments in other relationships. While getting into a sugar-baby relationship most people assume they’ll be no emotions involved. But the real question is, can we morally justify the sugar daddy/baby relationship? Should we?

But again, all I want is a husband who will give birth to my six children, cook for me, wash for me, spread my bed and then, RIP my punany in the night till death do us part.

Feel free to leave your comments down below.

With Love from my keyboard.



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