Versatility of the Kink

4A, 4B, 4C,…….4D, there’s definitely one that hasn’t been discovered yet, thought I’d hint at a scientist. Do you ever come from the salon with a fresh box braided juicy head then you see cuteeee faux locs and want that on. Then you see a combed out glistening Afro and all of a sudden unasikia tu kubomoa nywele? (you feel like undoing your hair) That’s me with my bald head🤧

I’ve failed to understand that indecisiveness with hairstyle choices. It’s this versatility of kinky hair. I mean if you can do 30 different hairstyles in a month? Why not? Hairline worries? Barbers and wigs exist😌 Sometimes the process goes like this, you scroll through different YouTube hair tutorials, pinterest, Instagram basically wherever you fancy. Then you pick out a hair style inspiration and a braid colour too then something else ends up on your head. Not that you changed your mind but you already forgot the first one you admired.

Yesterday (well, the day before I wrote this) I woke up, fixed up my $18 wig. Wore my red headscarf, watched Kiitana’s head-wrap tutorial on YouTube and rocked that shit. For a minuteee, I thought about getting my hair back so I can have extraordinary faux locs, wrap it up and all of that. And then the thought of that volume on my head just gave me chills. I know sometimes you want to wear it for that one day, so you decide you might as well not do it if you are not feeling that strong about having it. If the feeling is not that strong, then its not time yet.

And even better, gone are the days that you should believe certain colours will not look good on you. I believe as long as you are beautiful any color will look good on you. There is always that person who’ll call you a highlighter or a HB pencil (image at the bottom) but guess what? highlighters look so good not just on paper but in front of their own mirrors too♥️ so yesss do it all! Wreck it up! Explore all the options and when you get back to square one? Repeat repeat repeat *malizia with Ambulance*

They say too many choices is not a good thing sometimes, I say many choices is always a good thing with kinky hair. Stay bold and occupy that space!

HB Pencil: is what they used to call a dark skin girl with maroon hair, this was around 2014.

It is a red and black oencil


I do things! I am a curious cruiser of life and sometimes I write about my experiences and interests. Read, share and stay gorgeous! Awin

One thought on “Versatility of the Kink

  1. Love this! Totally relatable. The one hairstyle I always crave is a short buzz cut. It reminds me of when I had one. How beautiful showers would feel, the low maintenance of it all and how fresh nd pretty my face looked. But also, I’m trying to grow my hair over here haha!


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