Intro: Banter Kidogo


Hashtag, I was just guessing hashtags randomly (don’t look for a pattern). My brain is a mystery I have failed to fathom, please bear with I. If you’ve read this far without clicking back I appreciate you haha, cause I don’t really know what I am saying next but here I go. Welcome to unreasonable reasoning, non-comprehensive sentence forming and my usage of the mighty alphabet.

I am lying over here in my bed after a longgg call session of udaku with my mother, yaani gossip (this was not today haha). Gossip with parents are always the sweetest cause it’s grown up gossip, you know. I feel as if I have made it, but to be clear I still can’t sit with her and her friends. Also, I woke up with a Ziploc bag full of Italian sausages next to me, blessed lifestyle.

No, I do not endorse anything I ever say here, neither can I confirm its sense. The internet has a lot to offer, and I…I…I…just pure banter. 97% of my life when I am not in a class, I am spending 2% of it being myself and then I believe I am a decent writer and put in on here… I make myself laugh a lot, yaani I love to think I am really funny lakini mi huogopa criticisms. You know people who are always waiting for that moment they will start reminding you how your knowstrils are always knowing, your eyes are shaped like they can’t see, oh your brain is small that’s why you forget quickly. So on and so forth…

On the brighter side, this page serves a purpose or none at all because I wanted a place I would verbalize (no I don’t lack other spaces I am just exhausting them all), probably you too. I just want to spread everything, laugh and love.
I apologize if some things aren’t funny, I will kindly request you consult with your humor.

With Love from my Keyboard.



I do things! I am a curious cruiser of life and sometimes I write about my experiences and interests. Read, share and stay gorgeous! Awin

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